Celebrating The Baby Bump!

DSC01748DSC01756When it comes to baby showers, I’m a fan! The pregnant mom to be, the decorations, the food, the cake, the games and everything else that’s a part of it, just screams my name! Or maybe I love them so much because I work with pregnant woman and I adore them so it all ties in to each other? Lol well whatever it is, I am always very excited to be a part of one.
This past weekend we attended a surprise baby shower for a friend of mine that I’ve known for a few years now. I’ve been to baby showers where someone else has planned them but never to one where it is a total surprise for the mom! So this was very special. The mom to be was so shocked and happy by seeing everyone there! She even had family from the Philippines fly in for the shower so I’m sure that special addition was one of her favorite parts.
The food was beyond amazing (my friend Griselle caters food for the NY area-private events and production catering- and her food is amazing so feel free to reach out for her information)! They even had a DJ so everyone was dancing and it wasn’t your ordinary quiet babyshower lol.
The entire baby shower was a great time, I even won a little prize for winning one of the games hehe. Congratulations Goldie & Leo!
I can’t wait until it’s time to plan baby showers for the ladies in my family :)DSC01764DSC01752DSC01767DSC01775DSC01776DSC01782DSC01783DSC01788DSC01793

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Morning Rituals

When I was younger, my friends always laughed because I needed to schedule everything! I had to always know what the plan was, always had to do my work extra early, and didn’t like my “routine” to change.
I don’t know what happened but for the most part, the older I get, the less I start planning and analyzing every little thing that will be going on during the week. I do things spontaneously and don’t have any problems changing my plans. I DO still use my little planner for everything but that’s just to make sure I don’t get confused with my work schedule or miss any type of appointment.
But one thing that I am still very routine with is what I do before I get to work! How I get ready and what I bring with me plays a huge role of how my day will go. For example, every morning I get up, get ready, make my smoothie and check my bag to make sure I have everything I need for work. The most important things I need for work is my ID that grants me access to any part of the unit, my multi colored pen that I need because I chart with specific colors for specific parts of the patient history, my stethoscope, and my chapstick because who isn’t obsessed with chapstick?
This morning I was sooo sleepy and ended up getting out of bed 15 minutes later which meant everything was rushed. I got ready in about 20 minutes and then went running for my 6:00am train (the 6 train barely runs in the morning going uptown so if I don’t make that one, I’m pretty much chancing it to get to work on time).
Ofcourse as I’m sitting on the train, I realize I have forgotten my ID and chapstick! Luckily I have an extra multi colored pen in my bag but the ID is the most important thing! I knew I would constantly have to ask other people on my unit to allow me into the med room and in and out of the unit. So once I realized that, I was just so annoyed.
I’m trying to work on not allowing 1 thing to ruin my day so I’m focusing on the fact that I made my train, it arrived to the BX early, my bus was there waiting so I hopped right on, and I was at work 5 minutes later. That extra time allowed me to go to Starbucks and get my favorite salted caramel white mocha hot frappuccino which I only get on “special occasions” lol. I haven’t been able to stop at Starbucks before work the entire time I’ve been working here so that was a nice treat.
So I’m taking a deep breath today and just taking the day for what it is. I have no ID and it’s annoying but it will be fine and tomorrow I will make sure to bring it. It’s hard not being tough on yourself but it’s just something that needs to be worked on.
On that note, hope everyone else’s day will go well and I’m curious to know what morning rituals everyone has in order to make their morning go smoothly.
Took this picture this morning and I love that you can see the raindrops on the window!

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Rockefeller Tree Lighting

DSC01731DSC01694Every part of NYC looks different during the holidays. Some areas are more decorated than others, some have more holiday trees being sold on the side walk, and others are filled with coffee shops which oddly enough, make me think of Christmas time.
I have never been to the Christmas tree lighting in Rockefeller center but this year, my sister was able to get us special tickets for a special area that is only for employees and family members of the companies that are affiliated with the event. After walking through what felt a million people, crossing the street way too many times since everything was blocked off, we all finally met in the area! We had a perfect view of the tree and luckily the weather was in the 40′s which isn’t that cold as long as you’re bundled up (which we all were).
Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, The Rockettes and some other great people performed before the official tree lighting. I can’t say that they all sounded amazing (shame on me) but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say maybe it was too cold for them? Who knows but at least I was in the presence of some great artists.
Finally after all the performances, it was time for the tree! When it was lit, I was in awe! It really is beautiful to see in person and it is fun to watch it with a group of people who are just as exited as you are. The tree is huge and it was filled with so many lights that you couldn’t even really see the tree after they lit it. The more lights, the merrier!

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