Matilda on Broadway

My cousin from Greece is here visiting America for the first time so it was a perfect excuse for me to get out and do things I don’t normally do everyday. So we have been going to many tourist attractions and it’s fun because when you live here, you don’t really go to these areas (which is ironic). So last night we watched a broadway show. I have seen Matilda on Broadway once before but it is one of my favorite plays so I didn’t mind seeing it again. I bought the tickets last minute (a few hours before the show) but we still got amazing seats! So my brother, cousin, and I headed into the city for a fun night.
The show was perfect! You have to see it yourself to truly understand what a beautiful show it is. It is a small theater but it makes it even better because you really get to see everything going on without missing anything!
We headed to Carmine’s, an Italian restaurant, after the show for some dinner. I have never been there but I have seen many pictures of their huge portions. They serve their dinner family style so the portions are large and it’s fun because you get to share everything and try different things. Everything was delicious! Definitely a place to eat at again.
We had a fun night!

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September is approaching and for the past (almost) 20 years, the end of August meant preparing for the new school year. One of my favorite things to do in August was to go school shopping (what a nerd). For the first time, August doesn’t mean preparing for school anymore. It’s a really different feeling and secretly, it just feels weird.
I am preparing for the start of my career and there are many different emotions that come with that. I spent so much time studying and working hard for this and now it’s finally here. I remember my dad telling me to enjoy college because once it’s over, it’s just a whole different world. I really didn’t realize how fast college would pass me by. And even while I was in college and complaining about how I couldn’t wait for it to end, I didn’t know how fast the end would actually approach.
So here I am, trying to adjust to all these new things. Trying to figure out how I am going to organize my new time, how I am going to stay awake for 12+ hour shifts after waking up at 5am (I am not a morning person), and just how I’m going to survive my first year as a new registered nurse. It will all fall into place and I’m sure it will take a little while but everything always figures itself out. Change is good and it’s exciting, just need to take it day by day and do whatever works best for me.
To new beginnings!

P.s- some photos of the mini picnic Mariah and I had earlier today. It didn’t last long because we probably found the hardest area to put our blanket down on and we barely had any grass beneath us. The combination of the hard ground (we were too lazy to get up and set up elsewhere) and the horrible breakfast we bought (lesson learned- when you find good food places, stick to them- don’t try to experiment with new places) made us leave and end up at the mall. Picnic failures lol

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Birthdays & Family!

It’s always a treat when my family from Ohio comes to visit. This time, they visited because my cousin is moving into her college dorm in NYC this weekend so the whole group came to help and say goodbye. It also was her 18th birthday yesterday and my uncles today! So we have had a lot of exciting things going on the past few days.
We all headed to the city for a nice big birthday dinner last night. My cousin chose a place named “Up Thai” on the Upper East Side. It’s this cute restaurant with exposed brick, many beautiful lanterns, and candles everywhere and of course, delicious food! I usually am not a fan of Thai food but I really enjoyed this place; lots of vegetarian options and many different types of dishes to chose from. I had the Pad se-ew which is basically a Thai version of the Chinese chow fun noodles- for those of you who know what that is. For those who don’t, it’s a wide flat noodle and it had a bunch of vegetables and soy sauce in the dish so overall, it was a nice big meal.
The best part was dessert! We picked up 2 cakes from Momofuku Milk Bar on the Upper West Side before we headed to dinner. They chose one “birthday cake” and the other was an “apple” cake. Oh my!!! They were soooo tasty! I loved that you could see the layers because the outside wasn’t frosted. The birthday cake tasted like a sweet little confetti cake and the apple cake was a combination of an apple pie, an upside down apple cake, and a coffee cake all in one. So bottom line, it was delicious!
Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera but I managed to capture some photos with all of our I-phones. So here they all are!












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