Bon Voyage- New York to Chicago

I can’t believe the time has come :( A few months ago, my sister Mariana was contemplating moving to Chicago when she found out that her company was opening a new location there. After being offered another great position at the new location, she decided to make the leap and take it! We have always been very close and this is the first time we will be so far apart from each other. Moving to college was pretty far in my head but in reality, I was about 45 minutes away from her and now she will be about 12 hours away!

I guess one good thing comes out of this, I will have a new place to visit! I really am happy for her and I think this move will be amazing for her, I will just keep hoping she will move back in a few years! Haha, wishful thinking!

One of my close friends and I decided to throw Mariana a “surprise” going away party last weekend. The surprise part was that she had no idea where the party was, what the theme was, and what we would be doing but she basically knew who was coming and what day it was being thrown on. I’ve come to realize this is an easier version of a surprise party. Don’t tell them the details but tell them the day so that you won’t be super stressed out trying to hide it from them!

The day came and we were all so excited. We decided to have brunch because I feel that it’s more intimate and it would give Mariana a chance to really speak to everyone rather than doing a night event. The weather was perfect and all her closest friends made it to the party. I placed a special order for a ┬ácake from the bakery I got my first job at. I worked with them for 5 years all throughout high school and I know they make amazing things so I had no doubt in my mind they would make an amazing cake for her. The cake came out amazing!!! (go look at the pictures and see for yourself)

Mariana was able to talk to everyone, say goodbye, and we all had an amazing time! Now we just all have to make sure to go visit her in Chicago a lot! (I already have a plane ticket booked for the first week of October)



how cute are those license plates?


my gorgeous sister with her cake!


we were missing a few in the picture :(


Mariana & I


Mariana with her best friend Shaina!




this card was huge & amazing


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  1. Nikie says:

    The world would be wonderful if everyone had such special and amazing sisters and friends!

  2. Sophie says:

    This is so awesome JoJo! Good luck to you Mariana! You will love it! :D

  3. Nikie says:

    Best of luck Mariana!! You will do great but we will all definitely miss you:(

  4. Maria says:

    Wow!!What a wonderful cake!!! Tell Mariana good luck and have fun!!! :)
    kisses to all!!! :) :)

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