Colosseum & The Vatican Museums

Today we were ready to dive right into Rome and get to all the major attractions! We of course had to start with a real Italian breakfast which surprisingly we haven’t done much. They usually eat a pastry and have a coffee but we have been eating more sandwiches for breakfast so we can stay full longer and not have to make many stops to eat. So we made our way to a cafe near the Vatican which was our first stop, and enjoyed pastries and cappuccinos. We learned what we have been missing. They were so delicious! And the coffee was amaaaazing!!image
We were told to pay the extra 4Euros so that we can skip the line for the Vatican because people have had to wait up to 5 hours just to get in because of the long line! I am so happy we did because when we arrived, the line was huge and everyone was standing in the sun melting away but we were able to walk right up to the front and go inside. The Vatican is huge! It is basically a bunch of museums in one area. It’s hard to even explain the experience because there were so many things that we saw but a few really caught my eye. The details in the sculptures they had were amazing! I can’t even think of how people were able to create art like that so long ago. Also, the painting on the ceilings were breath taking. My favorite ones were the ones that incorporated blue and gold colors because they were so vibrant and the colors stood out so much, especially together! Every time you looked out a window, the surroundings were large gardens with beautiful fountains everywhere. And the carpets! Oh my! They had huge carpets hanging from the walls, biggest ones I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s just so fascinating how all of this was created and how it can be dated back to so very long ago. It must have taken forever to even just make the colors they used and to make the equipment they used for these pieces. I wonder if they knew how famous they would become one day. imageimageimageimageimageimageimage
Although our feet were killing us (why did I not bring comfortable shoes for a 3 1/2 week backpacking trip?!?), we continued on to other areas. We had also bought tickets for the colosseum that allowed us to skip the lines and again, it was so worth it! The colosseum lines seemed more hectic than the Vatican ones but I’m just happy we didn’t get stuck in the partial madness that was going on. When we got inside of the colosseum all we could do was just stare at everything. It takes a couple of minutes to really realize where you are and picture what it was once used for. We were able to see where they kept the animals, the prisoners, where everyone sat, and where the gladiators fought. I can’t even imagine how it all truly looked back then. But the fact that we were standing where they all once stood, is an amazing feeling.
They are saying that soon they will not allow any more tourism within the colosseum because they want to preserve it so I am more than grateful that I was able to experience it when I did. And if you can go visit it soon, go! It is something you need to see.
By the end of the day, we literally felt like we couldn’t walk anymore. Our feet were swollen and hurt but if they didn’t, that would mean we didn’t explore Rome as we should have so I guess I can say it definitely was a successful day!

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  1. Nikie says:

    I am so happy that you are experiencing all this!! It all looks and sounds magnificent! Can’t wait till you guys get back and then we can hear details about everything plus see ALL the photos!!

  2. jenny irizarry says:

    OMG THOSE PICTURES ARE SO REAL THEY LOOK LIKE POSTCARDS!!!!!! The feeling of experiencing history cannot be described, To stand on hollowed ground and just to try to imagine what took place there soooo many years ago is sumthing that a mind cant even wrap itself around. Im happy you guys got to experience . An event that you will never forget.
    PS those pastries look amazing throw sum in the doggie bag with all the other stuff i asked for !!!LMAO. Im jealous.

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