Dinner & Good Company


Last night my friends from college came over for a big dinner and my mom cooked us a feast! Once again, living so so much closer to NY is working out so nicely because more people can come and visit and they don’t have to drive over an hour to get to the house (like they use to when we were living further out into NJ). Good company is a must when it comes to a dinner because honestly without it, the food is not enough to leave you beyond satisfied and happy (at least for me).
Now that my friends have graduated, I really want to make sure to plan gatherings at least once a month. When we all lived at school it was so easy because we would just knock on each others doors at random times and hangout but now that everyone has graduated and are starting their careers, we have to actually plan to see each other. At least that makes the time spent with them even more special, right?
So on the menu we had pork chops, baked chicken, my moms special 3 cheese mashed potatoes, tomato & avocado salad, rice, and baked ziti!! Dessert was apple crisp with ice cream, this special chocolate/cheesecake my mom is known for, and a sort of cheesecake flan. Everything was delicious like always and my mom definitely received a bunch of “thank you’s” from everyone. I can only hope that I will have her energy and desire to want to cook so much for a group of people when I get older. I definitely want to be that parent that my mom was growing up, everyone loved her and she always spoiled us with cooking and baking (oh and course cleaning, laundry, etc. the list can go on forever). . So thanks mom for setting that example. If I turn out anything like you, my future kids will be very happy ;) .








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  1. Nikie says:

    Awww thank you Joanna! It’s always a pleasure to have your friends over and I love cooking for all of you!! And I KNOW you will be that perfect, awesome mom!!

  2. Maria says:

    Everthing looks delicious!!! :)

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