Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is a very important day, it’s my dads birthday! I’ve noticed the older I get, the more special I want to make each and every birthday for everyone in my family. If I could throw a little party each time, I definitely would but we celebrate in our own way by either going out for dinner as a family or cooking at home and enjoying time with each other (that is still like a party, right?). I did go out and get a few balloons which unfortunately stayed in the closet for most of the day because our ridiculous cat is afraid of balloons but at least I got a quick shot of them looking festive.

So if you knew my dad, you would know he definitely opted for the cooking at home option. His definition of a enjoyable birthday (or any day) is sitting in some relaxing clothes (a.k.a pajamas), watching a movie on the couch with everyone, and having a home cooked Greek meal (with no healthy substitutions). So that’s exactly what we did. My mom made dolmadakia, a Greek dish which is a stuffed cabbage roll with rice and meat with a thick lemony sauce. OMG my favorite part is that lemony sauce and I usually have the sauce with the dolmadakia on the side rather than dolmadakia with the sauce on top haha ! It’s my dads favorite dish so you already know that he was happy and he was exceptionally happy that I didn’t have my mom substitute brown rice for white rice or a leaner meat for the ground beef (it’s his day!).

My mom made one of his favorite desserts as his birthday cake, Napoleon Cake. It was all home made and the cream inside was to die for!

counting his candles to make sure we didn't put "too many"

counting his candles to make sure we didn’t put “too many”



the aftermath of blowing out candles on a cake covered in powdered sugar!


Happy Birthday Dad, we love you!!

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  1. Maria says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dad!!! Always be well and always have fun!!! :)

  2. jenny says:

    AWWWWW that was so sweet!!!! OMG everyime I read your blog I get hungry!!! That Lemon sauce sounds amazing!
    Happy Birthday to your Dad

  3. Nikie says:

    Love dad’s photos! Especially the one where he’s counting the candles!! Really dad????

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