Macaroons & Central Park





Lucky me, my cousin Andrea came into town from Ohio for a week so we got to spend this morning/afternoon exploring in the city! She had never been to Le Pain Quotidian so that was our first stop.
They have so many locations and every time I plan to go there, I end up going to the wrong location! I really like the one on 88th and Lexington because its big and has lots of windows (they have a few locations that are way too dark) and they have outdoor seating at times also! Luckily, Mariah reminded me where this one was so Andrea and I headed out there and made it to the right one.
I always like to try new things when I go to restaurants but for some reason, whenever I come here, I almost ALWAYS get the same thing! The Smoked Salmon Tartine. Oh my is all I can say!!! It is just so delicious and the perfect portion that I’m just stuck on it and can never find myself ordering something else. Andrea got their raspberry parfait which I’ve actually tried once when I opted on straying a bit from my “usual”. Hers was really good and had chunks of banana in it so you can already imagine how yummy that was (anything with banana in it is amazing to me).
After a long great conversation and turning into that table that finishes their meal but continues to sit and talk, we walked down to a place called Laduree that Andrea wanted to go to. She had already told me about this place before she even got here so I knew we had to make it a stop in our day. They sell macaroons and wow, they are amazing! We got a box of 6 with the flavors chocolate, vanilla, chocolate/coconut, pistachio, coffee, and coconut. We walked over to Central Park and decided to sit on a bench and both try every flavor we got. I wonder how we looked to bypassers, 2 girls sitting their devouring macaroons, haha I’m sure everyone must’ve realized how good they were! I think my favorite was the chocolate which had a filling that tasted like brownie batter and the vanilla!
After our macaroon party, we wanted to rent bikes and that was pretty funny trying to find where exactly the bike renting stand was within the park. If you ever want to see the entire park (and don’t even attempt to memorize where everything is), you have to spend from sun rise to sun set exploring it. It’s just so big and filled with interesting things that you can’t and shouldn’t just race through it. After some walking, we found the stand and unfortunately they only had ginormous bikes that we couldn’t fit on so we ended up not renting bikes. Oh well, next time.
We walked about 50 blocks in total today and it was great. The heat and humidity wasn’t that amazing but at least it wasn’t very sunny so we didn’t have the sun beaming on our necks. She will be back in October when the weather should be perfect so I already have many plans for us!!




Look at the leaves on the ground!! It’s looking like Autumn even though it was 85 degrees today!



can you tell we tried a piece of each one?


the awesome bubble man


only in NYC

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  1. jenny says:

    WOWWW !!!! I am soooo hungry right now!!! LOL
    Makes me wanna go to the park right now !
    You guys look like you had an amazing day!

  2. Nikie says:

    Cousins and New York City… How can it not be lots of fun!!

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