Our start of first day in Rome was quite hectic. We got pretty lost trying to find the apartment that we rented, then when we finally found our way, the bus took about an hour to come because apparently a lot of the drivers are on vacation during this time so the service is slow. You would think they would have coverage but nope, not in Europe lol. So after starting our journey at 7:00am, we got to our Rome apartment at 12:45pm. That’s actually the average time it’s been taking us to get from place to place because we usually first take the metro or the bus to the main train station and then we have about a 2-3 hour train ride to the next destination and then another bus or metro from there to our apartment. Fun fun. It’s actually not as bad as it seems. You get used to little sleep, a lot of traveling time and beautiful places in the end so it’s ok.
We were really tired so we kept the day for some of the smaller attractions like the fountain of Trevi and the Spanish steps. When we arrived to the fountain of Trevi, the whole thing was being repaired :( it was all covered and you could only see bits and pieces of what was underneath. They say the restoration will end at the end of 2015. We came to Europe at a time where a lot of restoration is taking place. Although it does kind of suck, it has to be done and it’s nice to see it happening. It would be interesting to come back when everything is done and see what it looks like after it’s been restored and cleaned. From what I could see, the fountain must look magical when it is working! A lot of people were still crowded around it taking pictures and trying to look around.
Our next stop were the Spanish steps. It’s funny because we spoke to the owner of the apartment we rented and he said that the locals call that area the Spanish square but just to please the tourists, they go along with the “Spanish steps” name especially because that’s all that tourists know it as. There were many people sitting around just talking and relaxing and we sat down as well, just to enjoy the area and rest a little. Mariah my cute girlfriend surprised me with a pretty rose while we were there :)
I will always remember the Spanish steps as a special time because while we were sitting there, I got a call from NY about a job that I really wanted where I had completed my preceptorship. They asked me to begin working on the unit as an RN when I get back and I am so excited! It is a specialized unit and I got the full time day shift (7am-7pm) which is all great for a new graduate so as you can imagine, my day ended in an amazing way!
imageThis sums up my brother all in 1 picture!!

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  1. Niko says:

    Lovely pics! Dimitri the Lion King!

  2. Nikie says:

    Beautiful photos! You guys look so happy! Love the rose!! And… Dimitri IS Dimitri no matter what city or country he is in!!!

  3. Nikie says:

    And a very big CONGRATULATIONS on the job!! You got exactly what you wanted!! Very proud of you and very happy for you!!! Xoxoxo

  4. jenny irizarry says:

    First let me congratulate you on your well deserved career offer. Im so happy and excited for you. You are truly graced to recieve this wonderful opportunity,and Im sure this is only the beginning of your exciting career!!!! The Gods are working in your favor!!!! ROCK ON!!!!
    Now Rome. Dimitri, YOU DA MAN !!! Im surprised they didnt offer to build a statue that resembles you!!!! You look lke you belong up there on top of the lion now all u need is your gladiator armor and a whip!!!!
    All of you look like u are really taking this all in and having a great time. Pics are great as usual!!
    PS I MISS U GUYS !!!!

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