Scarlett our Sphynx

1 week has past since we brought Scarlett home! Lets rewind…

When I gave Mariah her promise ring (quite some time ago), we exchanged a list of random things we wanted to complete or to have within the next few years. On her list was “a hairless cat”. As soon as I saw that, I thought hell to the no. I’m really not fond of animals and I didn’t plan on ever having one. Buttttt since it was on her list, I decided to say ok… (In the back of my mind I was hoping she would just forget about this idea).
While having dinner 2 months ago, it just hit me that I also wanted one! I asked the family how they would feel and they all had their own input but what really mattered was that Mariah really wanted one. It’s funny because she says I made it sound like it was my idea meanwhile it really was hers! So I cleared that little confusion up with the fam lol
So for a month we were doing so much research on the Sphynx breed. We read everything out there and started looking for a breeder. It’s so hard to find a good one that you can trust especially because these kittens sell for an average of $1,500!
After much research, we found a breeder in the Bronx with 5 super cute kittens who had been born on July 3rd and would be approximately 13 weeks old when we would bring one of them home over the first weekend of October.
Mariah and I set up a date to go see the kittens and we brought my old college roommate Jess with us too. When we went to visit, we initially were interested in one of the boys but fell in love with the cute little girl who looked so different from her siblings! All the boys were tuxedo color and the other girl was tortoise. She instantly came onto our laps and curled up and fell asleep.
We decided right away that we would be taking her! We left a deposit and then had to wait 5 WEEKS until she was old enough to leave her mom! Those must have been the longest 5 weeks ever! At least we had a good amount of time to prepare and slowly buy all the things we would need for her.
While we were waiting and preparing, we were trying to think of a good name. Mariah thought of “Scarlett” and I absolutely loved it!! We said we would wait until she came home so we can see her personality and then make our final decision but her name was practically picked out way before that ;)
We picked her up late on a Saturday night and headed home. That first night was straight out of a movie! We were under the impression that she would just sleep for the night (wishful thinking) but that wasn’t the case! About every hour she kept waking us up with face licking, toe biting, running all over the place, and finally, after getting about a total of 4 hours of sleep, we decided to wake up at 7am (on our day off). We woke up and looked at each other with zombie eyes and just both said we hoped this wasn’t a preview of many sleepless nights to come.
Since then, Scarlett has been sleeping at night! YAY! She wakes up around 730am and after some purring and cuddling, she falls back asleep until 930am. This is perfect for Mariah because this is what time she usually wakes up but I on the other hand, am still getting use to this. It works perfectly when I have class but not so much on my days off but it’s ok!
So for anyone who doesn’t know, Sphynxs are probably the most affectionate breeds out there! Scarlett has definitely proved this for us. She loves to wake us up by purring and rubbing her face on ours, she likes to sleep in the bed cuddled up with us, and she probably is the smartest cat I know (I’m being biased). All jokes aside, Mariah and I are both obsessed with her. My entire family loves her as well.
On Sunday we gave her a bath for the first time (this breed needs weekly baths due to the fact that they have no hair and oil collects on their skin). She did SO good! No meowing and no scratching but we did have to hold her with one hand because if we let her totally sit on her own in the water, that’s when she would try to leap out. From what I’ve read, we are extremely luckily because other people have horrible times with bath time!
So the thing we are not so lucky about… When she wakes up at 930am, she thinks it’s play time! BUT when I have worked an overnight shift and I just get home at 8am, I do NOT think it’s play time! I attempted to get into the bed with her and Mariah when I got home from work the other day and within an hour, I thought I was having the worst morning of my life (I’m being dramatic but I take sleeping seriously). She was running all over the bed, licking my hair, biting my legs, jumping on my back, and she would not stop! So here is my plan, until she learns to either calm down in the morning or just play on her own and not involve me lol, I have to sleep in the guest room. It’s the only way I will get some sleep. I read that they calm down a bit after they’re spayed so let’s cross our fingers!
Overall though, Scarlett is really the best. I am so excited to learn more about her and see what she does next to amaze us! She really has an amazing personality and unless you meet her, you can’t judge her! Poor thing gets judged because she has no hair but trust me when I say that if you meet her in person, you will fall in love also !

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we have a million more pictures of her but I am taking it slowly for the first post about her lol

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  1. Nikie says:

    I have to be the first person to admit that I “judged”.. Only because I had never seen a Sphynx cat.. But as soon as I saw her-OMG!!! Little Scarlett is adorable and the cutest, most lovable and playful kitty ever!!!

  2. jenny says:

    GIRLS!!!! I love her !!!! She is so cute!!!!!!
    Happy for you both
    Love Jenny

  3. So cuuuuute!!!! I was just watching a show about this type of cat aaaaah i just wanna knit her sweaters

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